Core Compentency

Corporate Objectives

- Rapid turn-around times for over-seas clients.
- Do it right. Test, Test, Test.
- Automate and use technology to solve problems.

Business Skills

- Design of flexible GUI tools to display streaming real-time data .
- Equity stocks and options historical data.
- Application of tools to capture, process large amounts of data, reconcile, generate summary reports.
- Exposure to various USA exchanges/ ECNs data distribution formats.
- Exposure to major exchanges of the world.

Technical skills

- Extensive XML parsing, processing, storage and managements tools.
- Flexible and light weight GUI designs in VB/.NET and Java environment.
- Extensive perl based tools to parse, process and store information from process logs, system statistics, tibco consoles.Integration with mysql. Data retrieval tools.
- Java, JDBC, JAXP, EJB to interface with data sources, message sources and GUI display.
- Website design and web-based tools implementation.
- Web based workflow system.
- Excel macro and VB plugins.